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  A very large triangular shaped specimen of Autunite on host rock of Granite Pegmatite with Mica and Smoky Quartz.. The Autunite coating is very thick and measures approximately 17.25 X 14.0 X 11.0 inches. The entire specimen weighs just over 44 pounds and averages 4 inches thick.

Extremely Fluorescent!
     This specimen is very brilliant when exposed to Long Wave Ultra Violet Light. I have also been told by many of my customers that Autunite is very spectacular when exposed to Short Wave Ultraviolet. Below are close up pictures of the crystal structure taken under Long wave Ultraviolet light. There are hundreds of "rosettes" made of autunite crystals. Due to the size of this specimen I was unable to photograph the entire stone in one picture under Uv light.
To photograph Autunite in Ultraviolet light the camera brightness must be turned down due to the fluorescence. The actual specimen is brighter than in the photos.
    This specimen will easily peg the meter on a CDV 700 counter on its highest setting with shield open and the probe 1 1/2 inches away from the surface. With shield closed it gives readings of 3 to 6 Mr/Hr. Please view diagram at bottom of page which shows readings at various points.

                              Above are pictures of some of the hundreds of "rosettes".
                        Photo taken from about 3.5 feet and covers about 1/4 of the stone.

                 Above you can see a few of the rosettes and the crystal structure up close.
                             These pictures were taken about 3 inches from the stone.

                      A single rosette.                                                    Crystal structure.

                        A few rosettes.                                              Hundreds of rosettes.


The specimen is shaped approximately as in the above diagram.
Readings were taken at the points highlighted in Blue. Below are those readings:
Point #1= 30,000 C/m with shield open. 3Mr/Hr with shield closed.
Point #2= 30,000 C/m with shield open. 5Mr/Hr with shield closed.
Point #3= 30,000 C/m with probe approximately 1 1/4" from surface with shield open.
                5Mr/Hr with shield closed and probe at surface.
Point #4= 30,000 C/m with probe approximately 1 1/2" from surface with shield open.
                6Mr/Hr with shield closed and probe at surface.
Point #5= This is on the back side of the specimen where a reading of 1Mr/Hr can be
                measured with the shield closed. It does not change with the shield open.
Because of the potential hazards associated with Radiation any buyer must  demonstrate the knowledge to safely store and handle specimens of this magnitude. Buyer assumes any and all liability associated with the proper or improper use and/or storage of this specimen and will be required to sign a statement to that effect.
We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone.

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